전치사 on



기본적으로는 「…의 위에」로서 「접촉」뜻을 나타냄.

  • ① …위에
  • ② [소지․착용] …에 지니고;걸치고
  • ③ [날짜․시간] …에
  • ④ [근접] …에 접하여
  • ⑤ [용무․상태] …때문에; …하는 중
  • ⑥ …하자 곧
  • ⑦ …에 대하여
  • ⑧ [수단․근거․지지] …으로;…에 입각하여
  • ⑨ 앞쪽으로;계속해서
  • ⑩ (수도․가스 등이) 통하여

뒤에 on이 붙는 단어들

  • Depend on ~ : ~에 의지하다
    • I depend on my car to get me to work every day.
  • Focus on ~ : ~에 집중하다
    • Let's focus on finding a solution to this problem.
  • Rely on ~ : ~에 의지하다
    • I rely on my friends for support when I need it.
  • Insist on ~ : ~를 주장하다
    • She insisted on taking the lead in the project.
  • Count on ~ : ~에 의지하다
    • You can count on me to be there for you when you need me.
  • Build on ~ : ~을 기반으로 하다
    • Let's build on our successes and keep moving forward.
  • Comment on ~ : ~에 대해 논하다
    • I would like to comment on the recent developments in the industry.
  • Decide on
    • We need to decide on a course of action before it's too late.
  • Act on
    • I'm going to act on your advice and start saving more money.
  • Base on
    • The movie was based on a true story.
  • Center on
    • The conference will center on topics related to climate change.
  • Capitalize on : ~를 이용하다
    • We need to capitalize on this opportunity while it lasts.
  • Confer on
    • The committee will confer on the best course of action.
  • Congratulate on
    • I want to congratulate you on your new job.
  • Dwell on
    • Let's not dwell on our mistakes; let's focus on finding a solution.
  • Verging on ~ : ~에 가까운, 거의 ~ 인
    • The critic's comments were so harsh that they where verging on insults
  • Bordering on ~ : ~에 접한, ~ 에 달한
    • The critic's comments were so harsh that they where bordering on insults

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